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Way to Lead PAC exists to ensure that organized communities have candidate champions who, once elected, govern to make real changes and push the boundaries of what is politically possible.

Support this work.

Help us support down-ballot champions in the battleground states we need to win, the organizers who are trusted messengers to the voters we need to mobilize, and effective advertising campaigns to inspire the multi-racial majority.

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We support bold leaders.

We seek to make an impact on governance related to racial justice, economic inequality, gender justice, and climate change. We do this by supporting candidates who offer a bold vision and who show a real commitment to addressing the crises of our time. We seek to make our democracy more reflective of the American population. We do this by supporting candidates from communities that are under-represented, and campaigns that seek to expand the base and show a commitment to increased democratic participation.

Endorsed Candidates

Black middle aged woman wearing a lace shawl and hoop earrings

Coral Evans

State Race, Flip

AZ / LD-06

White middle aged man with glasses and checkered shirt

Jon Hoadley

Federal Race, Flip

MI / CD-06

White middle aged woman with curly wavy hair wearing necklace and sleeveless dress

Franccesca Cesti-Browne

State Race, Flip

FL / HD-115

Black middle aged woman with shoulder length straight hair wearing a blazer

Jessica Holmes

State Race, Flip

NC / Labor Commissioner

Black middle aged woman with short curly hair wearing hoop earrings and necklaces

Regina Lewis-Ward

State Race, Flip

GA / HD-109

White middle aged woman with wavy a little pass shoulder length hair wearing necklace and blazer

Natali Hurtado

State Race, Flip

TX / HD-126

Endorsement Criteria

The Candidate
  • Deeply rooted in their community, including being recruited by their community or having come out of movements for justice
  • Displays a history of public service
  • Contributes to making our democracy more reflective, representing communities that are traditionally underrepresented
The Campaign
  • Has a diverse staff or inclusive hiring practices
  • Is accountable to the community
  • When possible, works in partnership with Way to Win-funded organizations
  • Campaign plan builds power for the community as it wins the current election
The Platform
  • Embraces bold progressive values and policies on economic justice, climate, democracy reform, campaign finance reform, racial and gender justice, gun violence prevention, housing, anti-militarization, and other issues.

We shape the narrative.

Creative content is the field on which the imagination battle is fought, as a new, diverse generation ascends to power. We seek to move hearts and minds by supporting scaled narrative campaigns making effective content that moves the multi-racial coalition of voters we need to win, with a focus on “high-potential voters” (those who have not voted in every election and trend younger and more diverse), who are often not included in the audience targeting of most Democratic political advertising campaigns, online and on TV.

The way a society talks to itself determines that society’s beliefs, its politics, its very culture.

— Richard Rorty

The way a society talks to itself determines that society’s beliefs, its politics, its very culture.

— Richard Rorty

Principles of Persuasion

Way to Lead supports organizations and campaigns that follow a set of Principles of Persuasion, including:

  • Turnout requires persuasion. We cannot just expect the Democratic base to turn out in elections without persuasion; we have to invest in speaking to them.
  • Positive stories matter, and good storytelling matters. In general, say what you are for. When you attack, lower barriers with humor, and by using storytelling that may not start with an overtly political message.
  • Lean into research. Use messages, frames, and clear persuasive language based on research that has been proven to be effective with target audiences. Metaphor matters—don’t reinforce conservative frames.
  • Test for effectiveness. Every ad should have clear objectives and a target audience, with whom effectiveness can be tested using a range of available tools.
  • Open source learnings. We believe in sharing research and test results openly and transparently so all can learn and grow in this space together.

Aligned Narrative Organizations

We work together.

We aim to build the power of independent political organizations that represent the multi-racial coalition we need to win, supporting them to build and wield their political influence. We do this by funding PACs and issue campaigns affiliated with progressive community organizations in states and nationally, so that they and their membership base can build relationships with political candidates and work to co-govern to pass policies that improve people’s lives.


Alexandra Rojas

Arisha Hatch

Billy Wimsatt

Chris Cormier Maggiano

Greisa Martinez

Jessica Byrd

LaTosha Brown

Maria Urbina

Maurice Mitchell

Michael Kieschnick

Sean McElwee

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